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I'm There For You Baby: The Entrepreneur's Guide To The Galaxy

I loved Hollywood. I hated Hollywood How could one exist-let alone survive and ultimately triumph-in a universe populated by the following phrases that were supposed to pass for interpersonal communication? ?Let?s do lunch.? ?I?ll get right back to you.? And the one that brings it all home, the granddaddy of them all: ?Hey, I?m there for you baby.? In all three cases you know it will never happen. Entrepreneurship is a bit like Hollywood "I?m there for you, baby" is a reminder that the big con and the big lie are everywhere and that the pursuit of any goal is a singularly individual event. It can be done. It can be achieved. And it is worth doing. It happens every day in a thousand personal moments. Success, fame, fortune, and happiness. I am there for you, baby.

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We're There For You Baby: The Entrepreneur's Guide To The Galaxy

Business/Entrepreneurship Rule 101: Entrepreneurs have an abiding sense of urgency, because they know that what they regret most is not the things they did do, but the things they didn't do. Today, everyone needs to think like an entrepreneur whether you work in your own business, a large company, a non-profit organization, or government.The life of an entrepreneur is filled with ups and down, successes and failures. Barbara Bry and Neil Senturia have experienced both. While failures are stressful, they often lead to exciting new opportunities--such as the weekly column they started writing in August 2011 for U-T San Diego.This book is a collection of their favorite and most popular columns -- stories of success and failure, baby steps forward and giant leaps back, hard work expended and good luck earned. Rule 75: You can't - until you can. Together these columns demonstrate the innovative spirit of San Diego and the inspiring "can-do" atmosphere of business today. Rule 109: Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

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I'm Still There For You Baby: The Entrepreneur's Guide To The Galaxy

The Baby books are without question in the same category as War and Peace, Dante s Inferno and Entrepreneurship for Dummies. Senturia s writing reflects a deep-seated distrust of bull, accompanied by a brilliant comedic style. He has been ignored by some of the most important venture capitalists in the industry. He is also the best-selling author at Donovan State Prison, where his books have brought legal entrepreneurship principles to his homies on C and D yard. He also lectures regularly to Criminal Gangs Anonymous (CGA), and teaches entrepreneurship in two jails, East Mesa and Las Colinas. His television show My Favorite Felons is currently in pre-production. -- J 10907, escapee from Donovan Prison and one of Senturia s favorite felons

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